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Adaptation (It's A Wonderful Life)

Tony "Sparx" Palermo is an radio drama producer, performer and educator who  has created radio dramas and workshops for commercial, public and satellite radio, audio-book publishers, the United Nations, the Museum of Television & Radio, schools and colleges. He performs and teaches across the U.S. and around the world.  He produces, writes, directs, scores and does sound design for audio theatre works. His orientation towards sound, as a writer and also as a sound effects artist, inventor, and performer, sets him apart from many of his radio peers. Tony has been blessed to collaborate with such stellar radio writer/directors as Norman Corwin, Peggy Webber, Dirk Maggs, Yuri Rasovsky, Roger Gregg, Eric Idle, Jim Metzner, Tom Lopez, Martin Jarvis, Rosalyn Ayres, and Lindsay Ellison. 

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