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christopher schulz

Hal (Proof)

Previously for Ignition Theatre: Tape, Gruesome Playground Injuries, The Shape of Things and Proof. Other theatre credits include: Wish (Sterling Award nomination for Best Performance by a Lead Actor) and Some Girl(s) (Northern Light Theatre, Edmonton), Bust and Alias Godot (Theatre Network, Edmonton), The Glass Menagerie and Equus (The Citadel Theatre, Edmonton), Macbeth (Citadel Theatre/National Arts Centre, Ottawa), Mote (Blarney Productions, Edmonton), Ligature Marks and Nighthawk Rules (What It Is Productions, Edmonton Fringe Festival 2014 and 2016 respectively), The Neo-Nancies: Hitler's Kickline (Guys In Disguise, Edmonton Fringe, 2006), Apocalypse Soon (Toronto Fringe, 2012), Lawrence & Holloman (ImageTheatre, Edmonton), Mary's Wedding  
(Prime Stock Theatre), Corpse (Central Alberta Theatre),
and Richard III, Amadeus, The Love of the Nightingale, Crazy For You, and Fiddler on the Roof (Centre Stage Theatre, RDC).

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